About the company

The company «Digital Solutions» was founded in October 2003 by the graduates of Bauman Moscow State Technical University. Until that time, a group of associates worked together in the science lab, the main focus of which was the development and creation of algorithms for digital radio, image processing, radar, as well as designing of various devices based on the FPGA and digital signal processors.

Currently «Digital Solutions» is a modern design center with its own pilot production facilities. Main activities are the following:

  • development of ASIC (SoC) with subsequent production at domestic and foreign silicon fabs (digital and analog design, prototyping and mass production);
  • development of digital computing modules for different purposes (PC, aviation, space, etc.);
  • development of electronic engineering devices (high-speed radio, high-performance control modules of robotic systems, the most powerful telecommunications devices, etc.).

The company provides a full cycle of digital devices design based on chip FPGA, microcontrollers and digital signal processors, while providing a through design flow — from algorithm development, circuit design and program code to placing the product into production. During the development of electronic devices as well the work is done on the development of the device body, 3D modeling, calculations of thermal conditions, reliability electronic devices and ASIC.

Our company provides a full cycle of ASIC (SoC) design and performs the FPGA to ASIC conversion of projects. We used the following technologies for our projects:

  • TSMC (Taiwan): 0.25 um HV, 0.18 um eFlash, 90 nm, 65 nm, 40nm
  • Silterra (Malaysia): 0.18 um, 0.13 um
  • TowerJazz (Israel): 0.18 um

The company is also engaged in research projects in such areas as: writing and storing of information on data solid-state devices, filtering and noise reduction algorithms, bit error correction algorithms of digital data streams, encoding/decoding algorithms, etc.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at mail@dsol.ru.