About ASIC Design Service

«Digital Solutions» LSC is a fabless ASIC Design Center. The company develops 4-6 chips per year, including system-on-chip.

We provide following ASIC design services:

  • ASIC design and backend
  • Logic design and Architecture
  • Development of algorithms
  • FPGA to ASIC conversation
  • IP design and integration
  • Mix-signal design
  • Advanced packaging and SiP design
  • Turnkey manufacturing
  • Testing
  • Prototyping

We are pleased to offer our customers the service at reasonable price and short time from initial idea to manufactured chips. See the picture for your better understanding of our possible cooperation models in ASIC Design.

We have already used the following technology processes to realize our projects:

  • Silicon fab TSMC (Taiwan):
    • CLN65LP (CMOS, 65 nm, Low Power)
    • CLN90LP (CMOS, 90 nm, Low Power)
    • CE018G (CMOS, 0.18 um, Embedded Flash)
    • CV025LH (CMOS, 0.25 um, High voltage, BCD)
  • Silicon fab Silterra (Malaysia):
    • CL130G (CMOS, 0.13 um)
    • CL180G (CMOS, 0.18 um)
  • Silicon fab TowerJazz (Israel):
    • TS18SL (CMOS, 0.18 um)

We are in a good relation with leading assembly houses: ASE, UNISEM, AMKOR. Our dies were assembled to BGA, QFN, QFP, TSSOP and other packages.

Working on ASIC designing the company «Digital Solutions» cooperates with Russian and foreign IP-blocks and libraries design companies. Currently, the company has already used the following IP-blocks:

CPU cores: processor ARM Cortex™-M4F with Floating Point Unit, processor ARM Cortex™-M0, processor ARM946E-S™ with AMBA peripherals, ARM VFP9-S Vector Floating Point (VFP) coprocessor, processor with SPARC v.8 architecture and AMBA peripherals. The company has own designed 8-bit RISC processor.
We used PLLs from TSMC, Key ASIC Inc., Silicon & Software Systems Limited and Analog Bits Inc., one-time programmable (OTP) memory blocks from eMemory Technology Inc. and Sidense Corp., eFuse blocks from TSMC, low power Real Time Clock (RTC) IP-blocks, RAM and ROM compilers and etc.

Digital Solutions has designed number of its own original IP-blocks, which were successfully used in developed chips:

  • Controller of USB2.0 interface
  • Controller of NAND Flash memory
  • Customizable BCH encoder/decoder
  • 8-bit RISC processor
  • LVDS receiver
  • Silicon RC Oscillators
  • Power-On-Reset
  • Linear Voltage Regulators (3.3-1.8V, 5-2.5V)

Digital Solutions has the whole set of software tools (including libraries and memory compilers) necessary for developing and manufacturing ASICs.

The company uses the design flow relying on Low Power Design, Design for Test and Design for Manufacturability. The Stacked-die technology is widely used in designing units.

Our very experienced and high qualified team allows us to provide our customers the best service and taking a position as one of the leading semiconductor design centers of the Russian Federation. Our design team always pays special attention to the verification of the project before tape-out. To perform that we develop and use customized prototypes based on FPGA.

If you have any question, please do not hesitate to contact us at asic@dsol.ru
phone: +7 (495) 978-2870